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Trent Rowing Club in Burton upon Trent

Trent Rowing Club is located next to the Burton Bridge in Burton upon Trent. The Club was officially founded in 1863, although there is evidence that River Trent boatmen were competing under the name of Trent Rowing Club in professional competitions prior to this date. Nottingham Trent University Rowing Club is also often refered to as "Trent", but Trent Rowing Club in Burton upon Trent remains the original Trent!  In the late 19th century there were three established rowing clubs in Burton, Trent Rowing Club, Burton Rowing Club, and Burton Leander Rowing Club.  Early in the 20th Century Burton Rowing Club and Burton Leander Rowing Club amalgamated leaving two clubs in the town, Trent Rowing Club and Burton Leander Rowing Club.


Trent Rowing Club and Burton Leander Rowing Club jointly organise Burton Regatta and Burton Sprint Regatta in July each year, and Burton Head in October.  Please see the relvant pages for each event for more details.

Our Club is a highly competitive, but family friendly, rowing club.  We cater for all types of rowers from new beginners to international athletes.  Our membership includes strong and successful Junior and Senior squads and a keen group of social rowers.  We offer members the use of a top class fleet of boats, ranging from safe and stable training boats to top level competition craft, as well as off water training equipment including Concept 2 Indoor Rower Ergometers and Concept 2 Dyno Strength Trainers.  We continue to make a commitment to help our participants well beyond our learn to row courses - all members of Trent Rowing Club will recieve continuous support for whatever level of activity they wish to undertake.  While the Club remains competitive, we are happy to accept members regardless of their aspirations whether they wish to compete at the National Championships, race at some of the regattas around the country, or maybe they just want to get a little fitter and paddle for fun and the enjoyment of our lovely stretch of the River Trent!

We are privileged to have access to uninterrupted good quality water for at least 8km upstream, including Burton Regatta’s challenging 1100m and straighter 700m sprint courses.

Our Sport England ‘Clubmark’ accreditation underlines the Club’s commitment to Junior development and will give parents the confidence to allow their children to come along and try out the Olympic golden sport of Rowing in a safe and positive environment.

If you are looking for a challenge on the competition scene or want to take up the sport to improve your fitness, please feel free to drop by and see what is going on at Trent RC

Artistic image of the Trent Rowing Club boathouse

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