Burton Regatta

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Burton Regatta, our premier local event, is a traditional river based two day rowing regatta, held annually, usually over the second weekend in July. The event is organised by the Burton Amateur Regatta Association and the management committee is made up of members of Trent and Burton Leander Rowing Clubs, along with members of the Regatta Association.


Burton Regatta was first held in 1865 and is one of the oldest and finest of the remaining Midlands river based regattas. The regatta weekend consists of a full distance 1100 metre regatta on the Saturday and a 700 metre sprint regatta held on the Sunday.


The Regatta encourages competitors to camp on the Regatta Meadows and provides facilities for campers including hot showers, quality toilets and cooked breakfasts. Burton's town centre is about a 15 minute walk away.

Burton Regatta is a separate organisation comprised of representatives from Trent Rowing Club, Burton Leander Rowing Club and the Town. As such it has its own website which can be found at: www.burtonregatta.co.uk

Artistic impression of Burton Regatta

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