Captains Report 2 March 2015

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Captain’s Report March 2015


 For Committee meeting held 2nd March 2015


On Sunday 1st March the club competed at the  Head of the Trent in Nottingham. Unfortunately the club claimed no wins from this event. Conditions were tough with strong gust of wind and choppy waves. The 2nd division was cancelled completely


It’s not all bad new this month though. I am pleased to say the club has recently purchased two boats. The first being an Empacher 8+, which has already raced twice. The second is a 1x junior club racer, which should be a great boat for many of the clubs younger juniors.


The Drip Feed:


My first drip feed is a section from the rules of racing concerning keeping your racing license with you at events.

2-3-3 Racing  Licence

All  competitors shall carry their Racing Licence with them  to a  Regatta. Any competitor who cannot produce this document  when  requested  by a  Regatta Official may  be  disqualified, but can  be  replaced by a suitably qualified

substitute (see  2-3-4b).

If  a  competitor without documentation is allowed to race, he  must  agree to produce  it  within  a  mutually agreed time to  a  member  of  the Organising  Committee.  These provisions will not apply to an overseas  club.


My next drip feed is from the British Rowing Code of Conduct and details individual right

1. Rights of individuals

All participants in rowing, including children, participants and competitors, coxes, coaches, umpires, marshals and spectators have the right:

•  to enjoy safe participation in rowing

•  to be treated as individuals at all times

•  to express their views

•  to be listened to and believed

•  to determine their own goals and participation in sport

•  to seek support to help them develop

•  to receive support for their individual needs

•  to balance rowing and other aspects of their life to sustain enjoyable participation in the sport

•  to be treated with respect

•  to enjoy an environment free of discrimination on the grounds of gender, race, colour, disability,

sexuality, age, marital status, occupation or political opinion

•  to participate free from the threat of abuse

•  not to be subject to humiliation, shame or insult

•  not to have to endure abuse, including verbal abuse, bullying, neglect or physical abuse

•  to enjoy an environment free of sexual harassment and sexual abuse

•  not to be exploited

•  not to be pressurised to train or compete

•  to adequate rest and recovery

•  not to train or compete when ill or injured

•  to be treated in accordance with British Rowing guidelines

•  to receive quality coaching and instruction from appropriately qualified individuals.


For further details of the above please see the British Rowing website.


I would also like to start including any notices of upcoming birthdays or other celebrations in my captain’s report. If you would like me to include one please email me via


Kenny Holmes


British Rowing

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