Captain's Report 30 March 2015

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 For Committee meeting held 30th March 2015


Lincoln Head - Sunday 16th March

IM2.4x- - Kenny Holmes, Joe Raymond, Jordan Simmons, Matthew Pountney

W.J16.4x- - Sophie Winfieldale, Lauren Newbold, Evie Davis, Olivia Lee

W.IM3.4x- - Laura Gray, Chloe Brown, Lauren Newbold, Sophie Winfieldale

W.J15.4x+ - Mia O'Donnell, Elizabeth Carlyle, Lucy Stokes, Laura Gray coxed by Millie Benton.


On 22nd March a number of the club's juniors took part in the inter regional selection day. The following juniors were selected to represent the region. Well done to all!

J16 2x Scott Smith as composite

WJ15 4x+ - Mia O'Donnell, Lucy Stokes, Elizabeth Carlyle, Olivia Bates and Millie Benton

 J15 4x+ Euan Bell, Jack Newbold as composite


I am pleased to say the club has recently purchased two boats. The first being an Empacher 8+, which has already raced twice. The second is a 1x junior club racer, which should be a great boat for many of the clubs younger juniors.


The Drip Feed:


This month’s note on some of the rules of racing concern unsportsmanlike behaviour. It may supprise peple to learn that you can be penalised or  disqualified for simply not being a good sport. Keep this in mind when dealing with other competitors/officials.

2-7-4 Unsportsmanlike  Behaviour

Competitors, crews, coaches, groups of club members or  supporters  of a club  who:

  • wilfully disobey safety instructions
  • set out to subvert the application of the Rules of  Racing
  • refuse to  follow the  instructions of an umpire or  properly appointed  official
  • delay the Start without just cause
    • physically or verbally threaten or abuse another competitor, regatta official, helper (including stakeboat persons) or members of the  public
  • use foul or obscene language in the public hearing, or use  foul  or obscene gestures in the public view
  • being competitors, misrepresent themselves as in Rule  2-7-3.
  • display any other form of misconduct deemed by an official to be unsportsmanlike shall  be considered  to have engaged  in Unsportsmanlike Behaviour, and be subject to  disciplinary  measures as indicated in Rule  2-7-5.


For further details of the above please see the British Rowing website.


I would also like to start including any notices of upcoming birthdays or other celebrations in my captain’s report. If you would like me to include one please email me via


Kenny Holmes


British Rowing

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