Captains Report April 2015

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Captain’s Report April 2015


Junior inter Regional Regatta Sunday 26th April

W.J16.2x – Scott Smith with Cathal McNally, placed 10th overall
W.J15.4x+ - Mia Odonnel, Lucy Stokes, Elisabeth Carlisle and Olivia Bates coxed by Millie
Benton, Placed 2nd in B Final
J15.4x+ - Euan Bell and Jack Newbold with Burton Leander and Boston Rowing Clubs,
placed 5th in B Final.

Leicester Regatta - Sunday 27th April

W.J15.4x+ - Mia Odonnell, Olivia Bates, Lucy Stokes, Laura Gray coxed by Millie Benton.

The Drip Feed:

This month’s note on some of the rules of racing concern how the rules affect steering
during the race.
2-5-3 Steering
Each crew is responsible for its own steering. There shall be no following or pacing during the
race by other boats or launches other than approved launches. Doing so risks an ‘Official
Warning’ or disqualification of the pacing crew, and/or action under Rule 2-7-4 for the crew
potentially gaining advantage by way of the offending launch.
The umpire may call the attention of the pacing crew to its steering only if it is about to:
a. ‘Interfere’ with a competing crew (see 2-5-5)
b. ‘Foul’ a competing crew (see 2-5-6)
c. Risk disqualification under Rule 2-5-2d
d. Collide with a temporary obstruction on the course. A temporary obstruction may be another
boat, an object in the water or any item that should not be there. In these circumstances the
umpire should warn the crew in plenty of time so that the crew may take avoiding action; he
may, in this case only, give steering advice to the crew. The umpire also has the option of
stopping the race and declaring a verdict, or rerowing the race from the start.
e. Collide with an obstruction off the course.
An obstruction could be any structure such as a bridge, pier, pontoon, weir or other river traffic
in the navigation channel that may provide a risk of damage or injury to boat, equipment or
crew, and may include the bank, staging or heavy buoys. The umpire may delay stopping a crew
for a while, consistent with safety, to give the crew every opportunity to recognise the
obstruction themselves. In deciding the point at which a crew should be stopped, the umpire
should bear in mind the experience of the crew involved and the speed at which their boat
is travelling.
The instruction to a crew in this circumstance shall be:
- raise a white flag vertically above the head
- name the crew
- give the command ‘Obstruction, Stop’
Once they have taken notice of the obstruction the crew may continue with the race.
For further details of the above please see the British Rowing website.

I would also like to start including any notices of upcoming birthdays or other
celebrations in my captain’s report. If you would like me to include one please email me via
Kenny Holmes

British Rowing

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