Captain's Report June 2015

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Captain’s Report June 2015


 For Committee meeting held 8th June 2015


Wallingford regatta 3rd May

A very big and competitive regatta. Unfortunately no wins, but excellent experience.


Shrewsbury Regatta and Sprint 9-10th May

            We had entered this regatta, but unfortunately the regatta was cancelled due to bad weather and river levels.


Nottingham City Regatta 16th May

            W.J18.4x- - Lucy Fielding, Jazmine Smith, Jade Smith and Lucy McQuoney

            W.IM2.2- - Lauren Newbold and Emma Harlow


National Schools Rowing Championships 22-24th May

            JSch.4x- - Oli Benton, Joe Raymond, Scott Smith, Jordan Simons, 26 out of 29

            W.JSch.2- - Kellie Hathaway, Natasha Dukes, 20 out of 29

            W.J15.4x+ - Mia Odonnell, Olivia Bates, Laura Gray, Lucy Stokes coxed by Zoe Bates, 19 out of 35

            W.JSch.8+ - Jazmine Smith, Chloe Brown, Jessica Gilbert, Olivia Lee, Evie Davis, Lucy Fielding, Lucy McQuoney, Jade Smith coxed by Beth McQuoney, 5th in Semi Final.

            J15.1x – Jack Newbold, 29 out of 32

            W.J16.2- - Emma Harlow and Lauren Newbold, 5th in final.

            J16.1x – Scott Smith, 16 out of 41

            W.JSch.4x- - Jazmine Smith, Lucy McQuoney, Lucy Fielding, Jade Smith, 6th in Semi Final.

            W.J16.2x – Niamh McDonagh and Sophie Winfieldale, 30 out of 33


Trentham Regatta - Sunday 7th June

W.Nov.2x – Niamh McDonagh and Sophie Winfieldale

J18.4+ - Oli Benton, Joe Rymond, Scott Smith and Jordan Simons coxed by Millie Benton.


The Drip Feed:


This month’s note on some of the rules of racing concern the points system and masters status. Please note I am not in favour of trying to avoid points, but I feel that it is important to understand how the system works.

The chart for Senior status highlight the limits of points in a crew, the Masters chart indicated the minimum average age of the crew on 1st January. However there is also the added proviso that all crew members must be at least 27 years of age on 1st January.

The following rule also highlights how juniors pick up senior points in junior events.

4-1-6 Junior Class

c. Subject to Rules 3-2-1e and 3-2-1f only the first qualifying win at Sch/J, J18 (A or B), J17 (A or B), J16 (A or B), WSch /J, WJ18 (A or B), WJ17(A or B) or WJ16 (A or B) in any age band counts for one point. No competitor shall gain more than one point in any age band for wins at Junior events.



The next snippet if part of the British Rowing code of conduct document concerning participants. In case anyone is not aware you agree to abide by these guidelines when you join the club and British Rowing.


2. Code of conduct for participants and competitors

At all times, when practicing, training or competing at clubs, competitions and events, participants and competitors should:

•  follow the rules and procedures of their club

•  adhere to British Rowing rules and guidelines

•  act in accordance with the rules of the competition or event

• Study in advance, understand, and follow the rules, regulations and guidelines of the competition/event with regards to safety, emergency procedures, boating, marshalling, and cancellation.

• Follow the directions of marshals, umpires and officials of the club/competition/event.

• Accept the decisions of officials of the event.

• Not take banned substances.

•  act in a sportsmanlike way during training and competition

•  treat other competitors, coaches, other water users and officials of clubs, competitions and events with respect

• Avoid swearing at or shouting at others.

• Not threaten others nor engage in acts of verbal or physical abuse or other types of abuse.

•  respect the rights, dignity and worth of other participants, and not discriminate on the grounds of gender, race, colour, disability, sexuality, age, marital status, occupation or political opinion

•  avoid inappropriate relationships with their coach

•  keep to agreed timings, or inform the relevant person if they are going to be late.


For further details of the above please see the British Rowing website.


Congratulations to our President and his wife Gill who will be celebrating their wedding anniversary on Friday.


If anyone else would like any memorable dates mentioned in my captain’s report then please contact me at




Kenny Holmes



British Rowing

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