Captain's Report November 2015

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 For Committee meeting held 2nd November 2015

A very brief report this month as we have only raced at Burton Head since my last report.  

Burton Head – Sunday 25th October

W.J18.4x-        Jade Smith, Jessica Gilbert, Jazmine Smith, Emma Harlow

IM2.1x             Scott Smith

J16.1x              Jack Newbold

NOV.1x            Euan Bell

W.J15.1x          Olivia Bates

We also had all 4 pennants for the fastest men’s and women’s crew in each division. This included the W.J18.4x- as well as the following time only crews.

IM1.4-             Richard Dowell, Matthew Pountney, Dan Corden, Rob Jephcote

WIM2.4x-        Jazmine Smith, Jessica Gilbert, Jade Smith, Lucy Fielding

SEN.4-              Richard Dowell, Matthew Pountney, Dan Corden, Rob Jephcote

Burton Mail Report

Kenny Holmes

British Rowing

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