Our Officers and Committee

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Our Officers and Committee

President Mr John Hayward
Vice Presidents

Mrs Maureen Brake, Mr John Ash,
Mr Shaun Carlton-Greaves,
Mr Terry Gadsby, Mr Mike Gipson,
Mr Pete Gipson, Mr Richard Gipson,
Mr Kenny Holmes, Mr Karl Benton,
Mr Brian Mason, Mr Mike Mason,
Dr John Oram


Mr Richard Gipson

Captain Mr Kenny Holmes
Vice Captains

Mr Karl Benton, Mr Derek Smith,
Mr Shaun Carlton-Greaves, Mr Jack McDonagh

Honorary Treasurer Mrs Cheril Reynolds

Honorary Secretary
Assistant Secretary

Mr Mike McQuoney
Mrs Ali Gipson
Club Water Safety Officer Mr Kenny Holmes
Junior Co-ordinators Mrs Emma Benton
Mrs Mandie McQuoney
Welfare Officer Mr Mike Gipson
Social Secretary Mrs Emma Benton
Management Committee

Miss Jenny Atkin, Mrs Ali Gipson,
Mrs Maxine Hathaway,
Miss Lauren Newbould, Miss Jade Smith,
Dr John Oram, Mr Mark Newbould, 
Mr Peter Gipson

Trustees Mr. John Hayward, Mr Mike Mason,
Dr John Oram
Honorary Auditor Mr John Ash


Our coaching Team

Head Coach Mr Kenny Holmes
Squad Coaches Dr John Oram, Mr Mike Gipson, Mr Karl Benton


British Rowing

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