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Trent Rowing Club are turning your unwanted items into funds for the Club
and the Community

Trent Rowing Club are continuing the Star Foundation's Rags2Riches Recycling campaign to raise money for the Club to help purchase new equipment, new kit and to help with our running costs.  

Having a spring clean...?  What can be brought down to the Star Foundation Clothing Bank in the Trent Rowing Club carpark:  clothes, shoes, belts, hats, bed linen, curtains,videos, books, CDs, albums and DVDs (scratched or damaged doesn't matter).

Bring in as much as you ca
n!!!  So get collecting from family, friends and everyone you know!!  

Through our joint efforts:  Trent Rowing Club will benefit, you will benefit, the Community will benefit and the Environment will benefit.

Thank you in advance for your effort. 

British Rowing

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