Volunteer Helpers

There are many ways you can help the club.  If you have skills in launch driving, fundraising, towing,  helping behind the bar, boat maintenance etc the list is endless and would like to help, please contact a member of the committee and complete a volunteer form (volunteer forms located in the clubroom).  The club is also looking to take on volunteers who may wish to be mentored into coaching, we can help existing rowers or complete beginners start down the coaching path. In some circumstances you may be asked to complete a criminal records bureau check.

Please see link below for the British Rowing Volunteer Handbook which you may find usefull.


Financial Support

Everyone at Trent Rowing Club is very grateful for the varied and wide support we get from the local community, from the families of our rowers to local businesses who may have decided to help the club.

We have become a much bigger club in recent years and this has put much strain on our equipment. We aim to replace much of our older equipment so that we may remain competitive, we continue to increase the amount of equipment we have so that we may support more people and we are looking to develop our facilities to improve our land training and equipent storage facilities.

This takes a great deal of work to develop and a great deal of money. If anyone is interested in supporting the club in any way then please email our secretary, Richard Gipson, via

In return for support we can offer, for example, advertising space on one of our trailers, logo on a boat, logo on our training equipment, press coverage or an article on our website.

Alternatively donations are also greatly recieved, you may make a donation by contacting our secretary, visiting the club or by using the link below.



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