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Most importantly, wear clothing appropriate to the weather.  It is advisable to wear lots of layers which are fairly close fitting - very  loose clothing can get caught in the equipment, for example long t shirts can get tangled in the seat runners.  Shorts or leggings should also be close fitting because loose items - baggy shorts or jogging bottoms - can again get caught up in seat runners.  Fleeces or  hoodies with pockets should be avoided as you can catch your thumbs - this can be very painful!  Avoid items of clothing made from cotton or wool as they can become heavy when wet.  Never wear jeans as they do not allow you to move easily, and they also get very heavy when wet.  Generally socks are normally worn in the boat, no trainers as there are rowing shoes fixed to the footplate in the boat.

Wear a hat - keeps the heat in during winter and protects your head from the sun in the summer.  In rainy weather it's advisable to wear a waterproof jacket - a normal waterproof would be okay but you might find a splash jacket preferable as they are designed specifically for rowing.  In the summer, wear sun cream  and keep covered up where possible.  Also remember - even during the summer it can be cool when out on the water, so by wearing those layers it is easy to take them off if necessary, and put them back on when you stop!

Golden rule:  ALWAYS bring a spare set of clothes and a towel.  Rowing is a water sport and it is easy to get wet, even if you don't fall in!  And occasionally people do fall in...

Trent Rowing Club has it's own range of kit which can be purchased from Emma Benton, our Social Secretary - see details at the boathouse or ask Emma to show you what we have.

British Rowing website has some useful guidance on what to wear that can be found at www.britishrowing.org/juniors/whattowear


British Rowing

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