Captains Report February 2015

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The club is busy and training in full swing as we start to look to the new season. It may seem a while away now, but the regatta season will very quickly be upon us.


Boston head – Sunday 25th January

IM3 4+ - Oliver Benton, Toby Louch, Andrew Skea, Scott Smith coxed by Millie Benton

WJ16 4x- - Evie Davies, Olivia Lee, Sophie Winfieldale & Lauren Newbold

WJ18 4x- - Jade Smith, Lucy Fielding, Natasha Dukes & Lucy McQuoney

WJ18 8+ - Jade Smith, Jess Gilbert, Kellie Hathaway, Jazmine Smith, Emma Harlow, Natasha Dukes, Lauren Newbold, Lucy McQuoney coxed by Beth McQuoney

Boston head was an excellent day for the club, with positive performances for everyone. Trent were there in force, with 2 full trailers and what may have been our first ever girls eight.


The Drip Feed:


Rules 2-5-9 Outside Assistance

  1. No advice or assistance shall be given to a crew during a race.
  2. During a race any communication with a crew, other than by means of an unaided voice and solely for encouragement, may be deemed outside assistance.
  3. Any crew receiving outside assistance may be disqualified from the event and may be subject to further penalties under Rule 2-7-5.

Note: Rules 2-5-3 and 2-5-9 do not apply to Head races.


Row Safe 2.3 Boats and Blades

My next snippet is an extract from Row Safe regarding the responsibilities of the athletes themselves in checking their equipment is safe to use;

• Check the boat and equipment is in a safe condition and in working order before each outing and is suitable for the conditions in which it is being used

• Report and record any damage to appropriate person and ensure the boat or other equipment is quarantined if necessary


Some notes from the same section of Row Safe on what to check for;

• All boats where 'fitted shoes' are employed must have effective heel restraints. These must be properly adjusted (the heel must be prevented from rising higher than the lowest fixed point of the shoe) and in working order. Likewise, the foot release from any other type of fitment that may be used must be self-acting and not require the intervention of the athlete or a rescuer.

• Buoyancy compartments must be watertight to ensure effective operation.

• Rudder lines, steering mechanisms, rudder and fin, must be secure and in good working order.

• The ‘buttons’ on oars and sculls must be secure and properly set.

• Before each outing the following checks must be made:

• Check that buoyancy compartments, seals, hatch covers, boat hull and ventilation bungs are secure and watertight


I would also like to start including any notices of upcoming birthdays or other celebrations in my captain’s report. If you would like me to include one please email me via


Kenny Holmes


British Rowing

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