Captains Report January 2015

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Happy new year to all.


Nottingham head - Sunday 19th October.

W.J18.4x- - Jess Gilbert, Kellie Hathaway, Lucy Fielding, Jade Smith

W.J16.4x- - Emma Harlow, Abbey Hutton, Lauren Newbold, Evie Davis

W.J16.2x  - Lucy Holgate, Sophie Winfieldale


Burton Head – Sunday 26th October

W.J16.4x- - Emma Harlow, Abbey Hutton, Lauren Newbold, Sophie Winfieldale

W.J18.2x - Jess Gilbert, Lucy Fielding

W.J16.1x – Lucy Holgate

W.J18.4x- - Jess Gilbert, Kellie Hathaway, Lucy Fielding, Lucy Holgate

W.NOV.2x – Niamh McDonagh, Sophie Winfieldale

W.IM3.1x – Jess Coxon

I should also note that the ELI.4x- of Richard Dowell and Matthew Pountney with Tom Scholefield and Robert Parks of Loughborough Boat club were the fastest crew of the day.


Head of the Soar – Saturday 22nd November

ELI.2x – Richard Dowell with Tom Scholefield of Loughborough Boat Club

W.J15.2x – Lucy Stokes, Elisabeth Carlisle


The club had also intended to race at Hampton small boats head on 29th November, but decided to withdraw a couple of days before the event due to the poor weather and river conditions. More extended competition reports are available through the clubs Facebook page.


            For the most part training has been going well during the Christmas season and we are all looking forward to a good season. We start things off this year with Boston Head on 25th January.


            Please remember our Burns Night Supper on 24th January. Please see the club Facebook page for more details.


            Can I also thank you all once again for keeping me as Captain and thank those who have opted to give their time and attention as either vice captains or other parts of the coaching team. We are as well supported now as I could have hoped for and for this I am very grateful.


In my future captain reports I intend to include some snippets from the rules, good practice and general useful bits of information for would be rowers that is usually too much to take in all at once.

My first snippet for this report is the first rule from the British Rowing rules of racing and forms the guiding principle upon which all other rules are written.

Rule 1-1-2 Purpose

The purposes of these Rules are to :

• provide a basis for safe, fair and equal racing whilst adhering to

the requirements of British Rowing’s ‘Row Safe’ document: A

Guide to Safe Practice in Rowing and British Rowing’s

Safeguarding & Protecting Children Policy which together shall

take precedence at all times

• provide a consistent framework for the regulation and

organisation of Regattas and other rowing events


My next item is a section from Row Safe that is particularly relevant at this time of year and concerns what to do in the case of a capsize.


You should know what to do in the event of immersion:

• Stay with the boat and use it to keep you afloat

• Get on top of the boat and attract attention immediately

• If you have to stay in the water, retain warmth by keeping arms and knees

tucked into the body

• Stay calm and breathe deeply

• Do not waste energy by trying to right the boat

• Do not swim away from the boat because your swimming ability in cold

conditions is dramatically reduced

• Know the emergency procedures to be able to help effectively if you see a capsize


Kenny Holmes


British Rowing

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