Lincoln Head Race March 2015

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Trent Rowing Club went out in force to compete at their final long distance head race. 15 of the Clubs crews raced along the River Witham, Lincoln covering either the 3k or 5.5k course. After a long day they came away with 4 impressive wins.

A fantastic win came from the young womens coxed quad of Lucy Stokes, Elizabeth Carlile, Lauren Grey, Mia O'Donnell and coxed by Millie Benton in their first Junior 15 event. Even though one of the athletes was in the age category below they beat the host club team by 10 secs.

The fastest Trent crew of the day was the Intermediate level 2 Quad of Jorden Simmons, Joe Rymer, Matthew Pountney and Club Captain Kenny Holmes winning their event easily.

The morning saw a phenominal win for the womens Junior 16 quad of Sophie Winfieldale, Lauren Newbould, Evie Davis and Olivia Lee by more than 2 minutes. Winfieldale and Newbould then teamed up with Grey and Chloe Brown to take another great win of more than a minute in the womens Intermediate level 3 quad in the afternoon division.

The composite elite four crew of Dan Corden, Rich Dowell, Rob Jephcote of Nottingham RC and Rob Parkes of Loughborough RC lost by 7 secs coming in second place. Other crews coming in second place were the womens junior schools quad with Lucy McQuoney, Tasha Dykes, Lucy Fielding and Jade Smith losing out by 6 secs. The Intermediate level 3 coxed four of Oli Benton, Toby Louch, Scott Smith, Andrew Skea and coxed again by Benton lost by 8 secs to Leicester University.

Other second place finishers were Euan Bell and Jacvk Newbold in both Junior 15 double sculls and followed by competing in the Novice event. Also for Evie Davies and Olivia Lee in the Junior 16 double sculls.

The womens Junior Schools coxed eight event with the Trent girls of McQuoney, Harlow, Dykes join with Jade and Jazmine Smith, Kellie Hathaway, Eloise McMahon, Jess Gilbert and coxed by Beth McQuoney were the second fastest womens eight of the day covering the 5.5k course.

Above all Trent's young athletes had a fantastic day and can now look forward and train hard for the sprint regattas and national competitions around the country.


Emma Benton



British Rowing

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