Masters at Trent

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‘Masters’ Rowing at Trent.

Whether you aspire to compete at the World Masters or the British Masters Rowing Championships, compete on the provincial regatta circuit or simply row for leisure to keep fit, then join in with our very sociable mixed (men and ladies) masters squad. 

By definition ‘Masters’ are members 27 years old and above (with no upper limit), we meet for several sessions a week out on the river and also include circuits and land based training during the winter season.

With full flexibility to join in with sessions as your personal commitments allow, there will always be a seat in a Masters boat for you to enjoy the sport where you get fit sitting down.

With membership costing less than £3 per week, it’s far better value than visiting a traditional  gym and you are also benefitting from being out in the fresh air and enjoying the scenery of the river banks.

So, without delay, regardless of whether you have rowed previously or completely new to the sport, come and jump in a Masters Boat and row for real, it really is better than the rowing machines at the Gym.

Masters Rowing at Trent

British Rowing

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