Nottingham Head March 2015

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The first Sunday in March and seven crews from Trent Rowing Club made their way to Nottingham to race in the Head of the Trent. It was also the debut outing for the Clubs new coxed eight which was partially sponsored by Burton based WILO (UK) LTD.

The day was divided into three divisions and the weather went from bad to worse.

Division one of almost 6K saw the maiden voyage of the eight competing in the Men's Intermediate 3 category. Captain Kenny Holmes was at bow followed by Karl Benton, Luke McDonagh, Derek Smith, Toby Louch, Andrew Skea, Oli Benton, Scott Smith and coxed by Millie Benton. They battled hard against tough competition and even though they didn't win they were the fastest Trent crew of the day.

The Womens Junior 18 Quad of Lucy McQuoney, Tasha Dukes, Lucy Fielding and Jade Smith showed grit and determination as they came in at an easy second place missing out on the win by 20 seconds.

The Womens Junior 18 coxed four of Emma Harlow, Kellie Hathaway, Jess Gilbert, Jazmine Smith and coxed by Beth McQuoney was the last crew in this division. The wind and waves increased making it extremely difficult to put the power down and maintain stability, but they pushed through coming in at an impressive second place.

Due to the inclement weather and erring on the side of caution division two was cancelled to the disappointment of Trents Womens Junior 16 Quad and the Womens Novice Quad.

Later the wind subsided and division three went ahead as planned, but as the crews began the 6K race down river the rain hammered down. Here we were able to see the second outing for the Clubs new boat competing in the Womens Junior 18 coxed eight. Lucy McQuoney, Kellie Hathaway, Chloe Brown, Tasha Dukes, Jess Gilbert, Lucy Fielding, Jazmine Smith, Jade Smith and coxed by Beth McQuoney. The girls were a force to be reckoned with, racing in an unfamiliar boat in shocking conditions but still managing to come in third place only 11 seconds behind the winning crew.

The final crew of the day was the Mens Junior 18 coxed four of Oli Benton, Toby Louch, Andrew Skea, Scott Smith and coxed by Millie Benton. By now the rain was torrential making it hard to see and the boys needed all the encouragement they could get to keep them focused. They came in at a  well deserved third place after racing against strong opposition.


By Oli Benton

Burton Trent Rowing Club at Nottingham Head

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