TRENT Showcase on Home Waters

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TRENT showcase on Home Waters

Trent Rowing Club crews turned out in force last weekend at the 151st Annual Burton Regatta.  The Regatta attracted 360 crews over the two days from all over the country.  The Saturday event being raced over a one kilometre course between the Leicester Line Railway Bridge and the Ferry Bridge, and the Sunday over a shorter 700 metre sprint course. 

Completing in all categories of event and across all age ranges the local club came up against some tough completion from the visiting clubs, including their neighbours Burton Leander Rowing Club.  The Saturday regatta provided Trent with a total of six wins, which were ‘Masters C’ coxless quadruple sculls (Mike McQuoney, Lars Kristiansen, Anthony Scott, James Russell), Women’s coxless quadruple sculls (Lucy McQuoney, Jade Smith, Beth McLochlin, Suzannah Hornett), Women’s Double Sculls (Lucy McQuoney and Suzannah Hornett), Women’s J15 Double Sculls (Eloise Rose, Beth McQuoney), Women’s J15 Single Sculls (Eloise Rose), and Men’s J14 Single Sculls (Sam Smith).

Trent saw their crews return to the water on Sunday for a second day of racing.  The local club went from strength to strength and beat the previous days medal haul, finishing the day with further 8 wins. 

The hardest fought race of the day for the club was in the Women’s coxless pairs event when Lucy McQuoney and Jade Smith narrowly beat the Lincoln Rowing Centre crew in the final who then contended the result on technical grounds.  After a long deliberation by the umpires the decision was made to re-race the final, the Trent double went on to cross the line ahead of Lincoln but this time with a verdict of ‘easily’, making them undisputed winners.

The other Sunday wins were in: Men’s coxless quadruple sculls (Luke McDonagh, Lee Newbold, Anthony Scott, James Russell), Women’s coxless quadruple sculls (Lucy McQuoney, Jade Smith, Beth McLochlin, Suzannah Hornett), Women’s double sculls (Niamh McDonagh, Beth McLochlin), Men’s single sculls (Ewan Bell), Men’s J15 double sculls (Callum Bell, Sam Smith), Men’s J15 single sculls (Callum Bell), and Women’s J14 single sculls (Millie Benton).

The highlight of the weekend was when Trent was announced as the winners of the Vistor Ludorum as the most successful club at the Regatta.  The trophy, the ‘Burton Cask’ was presented to the club by Councillor Simon Gaskin (the Mayor of ESBC) at the end of the regatta.

This next weekend sees the clubs Junior members travelling to Holme Pierrpont, Nottingham, to complete in the Junior National Championships.

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