Boston Head Race Jan 2015

Boston head proved to be a rather successful event for Trent Rowing Club with a total of 4 victories and an impressive turnout overall.

Leading the way was Scott Smith, Andrew Skea, Toby Louch, Oliver Benton and Millie Benton who took the win in IM3 4+ against City of Sheffield. Scott Smith then went on to race in J16.1x and managed a good time of 12:44 over the 3000m however came up against tough opposition.

The masters, Derek Smith, Karl Benton, Mike McQuoney and Luke McDonagh, raced with an impressive time of 17:43 in Mas.D.4x- and also split up to race in two doubles of McQuoney and Kenny Holmes in the Mas.B.2x and Benton and McDonagh in the Mas.C.2x. Also racing in the quad events were Robert Jephcote, Richard Dowell, Matthew Pountney and Robert Parks, from Loughborough Rowing Club, in Eli.4x and Eli.4-, missing out on the fastest time of the day by just two seconds. Two of the victories came from other quad events including the WJ16.4x- of Evie Davies, Olivia Lee, Lauren Newbould and Sophie Winfieldale and the WJ18.4x- of Jade Smith, Lucy Fielding, Tasha Dukes and Lucy McQuoney.

Trent also raced in a number of doubles including a W.Nov.2x of Niamh McDonagh and Elizabeth Carlyle who despite having no previous experience racing together in a double, raced very well. Other doubles were the IM1 of Kenny Holmes and Oliver Benton and the IM3 of Toby Louch and Andrew Skea. 

Fighting the corner for the girls was Lucy Fielding and Olivia Lee who raced in WJ18.2x over the longer distance of 5000m, followed by the WJ18.8+ of Jade Smith, Jessica Gilbert, Kellie Hathaway, Jazmine Smith, Tasha Dukes, Emma Harlow, Lauren Newbould and Lucy McQuoney coxed by Beth McQuoney who overtook their opposition to win their event.

By Jazmine Smith


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