Captain's Report September 2015

 For Committee meeting held 21st September 2015

Thank you to everyone for ensuring I could take time off and forget about rowing a little recently and for making things easier on me over the last 12 months.  A great final regatta weekend to this season despite a relatively small entry to what we are used to due to holidays.

Gloucester Junior Regatta - Saturday 26th August

WJ15.4x+         Elizabeth Carlisle, Lucy Stokes, Livvy Bates, Mia O’Donnell Coxed by Rosie Stokes

WJ18.4x-        Jazmine Smith, Kellie Hathaway, Jade Smith with Bethan Henry of Loughborough Boat Club

WJ14.2x          Livvy Bates, Mia O’Donnell

Ross Master & Junior Regatta – Sunday 27th August

WJ18.4x-         Jade Smith, Kellie Hathaway, Jazmine Smith with Bethan Henry of Loughborough Boat club

J18.2x             Scott Smith, Jordan Simons

Well done to everyone for a great season. Winter training has now started and we are looking to the new season with great expectations.

It is now time to start thinking again about recruitment. We consider ourselves a small club because we have come so far in recent years. I feel it is time now to consider how we can further increase participation in rowing and increase our numbers. A larger and more active club benefits us all and I urge everyone to do what they can to assist coaches or even help organise sessions. The people who we teach to row over the coming months could very well be winning medals with you in a years’ time.

Kenny Holmes


British Rowing

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